Meet Nick & Ash - Co Founders of Fx Journal


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Nick is an avid gamer, Beer & Scotch enthusiast, horror movie buff and tech head. When not coding or looking at charts, he can generally be found still in front of a screen enjoying a game of Overwatch.

Nick started his working life as a Database Administrator & Marketer for a fast food company whilst attending university at Queensland University of Technology. In 2006 realising that Professional Gaming was an area that was gaining traction, Nick left university to start a company in Brisbane promoting and running the Australian leg of global e-sports championships like the Esports World Cup which they held on the Gold Coast.

After realising pro-gaming recognition to the general public was still a few years away, he took up a job as 2nd level Network Support Engineer for IBM Australia. Missing the love of creating software, Nick took up employment with a business that performed location tracking for things like helicopters, trucks carrying explosives and mobile phones. Nick currently works as a Senior Architect / Developer at a tech company in Brisbane, Australia.

Nick has been a Forex Trader on and off over the last 10 years, most of those unsuccessful. Recently Nick has rediscovered the love for Fx Trading and is killing it with double digit returns each month.


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Ash loves Formula 1 and will set the alarm at all hours of the night to watch a live race. He also loves AFL given his Victorian roots (go the Hawks), Virtual Reality, Star Trek and European Beer & Champagne.

Ash started his working life with a Plastering apprenticeship at age 15, before running his own company in both the residential & commercial building industries. At age 26, Ash undertook a career change and joined the Australian Army serving for 5 years.

At 31, Ash completed his Bachelor Degree in Security, Terrorism & Counter Terrorism from Murdoch University, Perth, Australia. After completing his undergraduate degree, Ash decided to study his real true love - tech, by commencing a Masters in Software Architecture at Queensland University of Technology. Ash currently works as a Business Analyst in a tech company in Brisbane, Australia, and has been involved in 3 start-ups.

Ash has been a Forex Trader for 7 months learning from Mark Hutchinson within Falcon Trading Guidance and is getting solid returns every month.

FX Journal came about due to a detest of Excel, a computer crash causing a loss of all trading analysis & data, and also the painful use of Excel whilst doing Advanced Self Review.