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Top Books to help with the Trading Mindset

My Top Books to help the Forex Trading Mindset

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Forex trading is an interesting endeavour. It does not matter if you are a Fundamental trader, a Technical trader, or a hybrid of the two, the one thing that really makes trading difficult is conquering your mind. They call it the trader’s mindset. To learn the technicals of trading is quite an easy process - although one that you should spend some time learning well. Learning things like candle shape, Elliott wave theory, ema’s, MACD divergence and the thousand or so other things you need to understand are all relatively easy. The one thing that is not easy is controlling your mind. Trading has a propensity to lull you into a false sense of security. You have one good week of a few plus one percent trades and all of a sudden your mind is showing you pictures of you driving a Lamborghini, buying a mansion and dropping wads of cash onto your laptop and putting photos of it all on Instagram like some of the other wankers around the trading game. T...

FX Journal can help with your Trade Journaling

How FX Journal can Help with trade Journaling

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To begin this story, I need to tell you how we came up with the idea of FX Journal. For me, I started learning under the Infinite Prosperity Forex Trading system. The really cool thing about this tutorial series is its simplicity. Anyone with average intelligence who is willing to put in the time can learn to trade forex. The series teaches all the basic technical trading elements, gives you a good grounding around topics like ‘the trading edge’, ‘probability’, the importance of ‘mindset’ and most importantly, ‘forex trade journalling’. Good Forex Traders keep a detailed record of their trades - period. But why keep a detailed forex journal I hear you ask? To that the answer is simple, if you are going to grow, you need to keep a detailed history of things you have done right, and of course, wrong! Like anyone trying to lose weight, you keep a starting weight on day one, and everyday you journal what you ate f...

The challenge of forex trading and why I trade

The Challenge of Forex Trading & why I Trade

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Forex Trading is different, you apply some analysis and put your money on the trade, this is where forex differs from gambling. People argue that you do the same on the roulette wheel, you do some research - i.e. you look at the numbers that have come up over the last few spins, you calculate the probability of your number or colour coming up this spin whether consciously or not, and then you act accordingly and put your money on the table. Then attendee spins the wheel and drops the ball. What most people think is that you can have a 50% chance of winning (red or black), except there is one issue with that logic - the number 0. What this number effectively does is swings the probability back in the houses favour. The house (casino) knows over a large enough sample size - i.e. spins, the house has the statistical probability of being in front - for every $100 that is put on a roulette wheel, the probability works out to about -$2.70. Take that to $1 million...

Subscription Cost is now Reduced

Pricing Changes & Upcoming Features

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FX Journal Price Update Monthly Plan now $4.95.

Yearly Plan now $49.95.


Fx Journal has been live for six months now. Thank you to all those who have supported us on this journey. We have recognized that a lot of our Customers are new to trading and just cannot justify the price. As with any business, we need to at least cover the costs of servers and other services to make Fx Journal viable.

We have heard you and as of now the Monthly Subscription to Fx Journal is now just $4.95, and the Yearly Subscription is now just $49.95.  We considered putting ads on the site to cover costs, but that somehow just did not seem right. So Fx Journal will remain ad free and now much cheaper.

For all those who have signed up before the price change, your plan will be automatically moved to the new pricing.   To see our new pricing structure go to https://fxjour...