Subscription Cost is now Reduced

Pricing Changes & Upcoming Features

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FX Journal Price Update Monthly Plan now $4.95.

Yearly Plan now $49.95.


Fx Journal has been live for six months now. Thank you to all those who have supported us on this journey. We have recognized that a lot of our Customers are new to trading and just cannot justify the price. As with any business, we need to at least cover the costs of servers and other services to make Fx Journal viable.

We have heard you and as of now the Monthly Subscription to Fx Journal is now just $4.95, and the Yearly Subscription is now just $49.95.  We considered putting ads on the site to cover costs, but that somehow just did not seem right. So Fx Journal will remain ad free and now much cheaper.

For all those who have signed up before the price change, your plan will be automatically moved to the new pricing.   To see our new pricing structure go to Some other upcoming changes: Cypto Currency Support - it seems everyone is trading crypto currency these days. As such we are working on implementing Crypto Support in Fx Journal. This feature is in testing at the moment and will be released soon! More detailed Before & After Trade Notes: This has been requested quite a lot. We will have some updates for this in the new year.

Merry Christmas from the Fx Journal Team - Ash & Nick.