Frequently Asked Questions

Pip risk is calculated by determining the number of pips between the planned entry and the planned stop loss.

All statistics displayed in the trade overview panel are calculated based on the selected timeframe. The only exception to this is your account balance, this is the total account balance including any deposits or withdrawls that have been entered.

Deposits and withdrawls can be managed by selecting the user icon at the top and selecting "Account Balance". Using this feature will keep your total balance in line with what you see on your broker.

Strategies can be added and managed by selecting the user icon at the top and selecting "Strategies". Each strategy listed here is for your account only. By default all trades that are imported are added as strategy "none". Once strategies are listed against your trades, they can be reported on in the reports section. This can tell you which strategies have the better percentages for closing your trades at a profit (or a loss) so you can adjust your trade styles accordingly.

Nearly every successful trader has a set of trading rules and patterns they must see to enter a trade. Some example confluence questions: 1: Is there a news event for this currency pair? 2: Is there a likely 1% risk to reward for this trade? 3: Is there MACD divergence / convergence? 4: Is there a known pattern such as a double top / bottom? 5: Am I trading with the trend? The purpose of the confluence questions are to allow you to set your own trading rules. This will ensure you can tick off all or most of your trading rules before entering a trade. This will be quite powerful, as every trader understands the emotional game that trading is. This is just another feature that will help you become a better trader.

As Forex traders ourselves, we understand the frustration of using sub par tools to journal, get reports and do Advanced Self Review. That is why we built FX Journal as it is the tool we desperately wanted. In saying that, this project is an expensive project to build and maintain. As such, we need to see a return for our effort. We believe that $4.95 monthly, or $49.95 per year is a very reasonable fee to charge for such a good tool. Furthermore, we are constantly listening to and asking our community what features they want. Please head to the roadmap section to vote on the upcoming roadmap items, or even better, contact us and make a suggestion!

Reports will give you some information about balance information and information about how your confluence and strategies are playing out. PDF and .CSV downloadable reports are coming soon.

The short answer is: yes - absolutely. We run regular server backups which are hosted by Digital Ocean. We also enforce the https protocol with SSL certification meaning your data is secure end to end. Rest assured our payment system is fully PCI-DSS compliant. Your credit card data will NEVER be on our servers. We accept payments through Stripe who are a respected, safe and secure payment gateway.