Instructions on how to use the FX Journal Platform

This page contains a detailed list of instructions for how to use FX Journal. If however, we have missed anything or you are still not sure about a feature, then please contact us.

Registration, Login & Password


Register screen image for instructions page.

Registration requires a user to fill in their full name, email address, password and to also agree to our terms and conditions. For the registration to pass, we require a minimum of 3 characters for your name, a legitimate email address (we may on occasion block certain email domains due to spam) and a password of at least 6 characters.


Login screen image for instructions page.

To login you must first be registered. You will need to use your registered email address. If you select the remember me checkbox, your login session will be active for much longer. This action is not recommended on public computers such as internet cafes etc.

Forgot Password

Forgot password screen image for instructions page.

If you have forgotten your password we have a very simple password recovery method. Simply go to the login page and click on the forgot password link. You will be requested to supply the email attached to your account. Once you click the 'Send Password Reset Link' button you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Please allow up to five minutes to recieve the password reset link. If by chance you have not received you email after five minutes, please contact us so we can assist you.

FX Journal Account Setup Tutorial

We have created an Account Setup walk-through tutorial. This tutorial is interactive and will help you setup your Trade Account Balance, Trade Strategies that you use in your system and also Confluence Factor Questions that you use in your system.

Prefer to watch a video? Scrol down a bit for a video walk through of setting up your FX Journal account.

Menu - Journal Setup Tutorial

Account Setup Tutorial link in menu image.

To access the Journal Setup Tutorial, ensure you are on the Journal page: - then click on the "Journal Setup Tutorial" link in the top right menu.

Pair Search

Account Setup Tutorial display on the Journal page.

You should then see a screen popup that will guide your through the process of setting up your account on FX Journal. This process will walk you through adding an account balance, strategy setup and confluence factor question setup. Enjoy! If you have any issues, we would love to help further - Contact Us.

FX Journal Account Setup Video Tutorial

Top Level Filter & Search Trade Table

Top Level Filter

Top Level filter image for instructions page.

The top level filter has a number of time frames where you can filter your trade information. For example, if you would like to know how you are tracking this month with your winning percentages you would simply select the 'Last 30 Days' from the filter. All your trade metrics in all widgets will then change to reflect this filter. We are in the process of adding custom time frame functionality - this will be released soon.

Pair Search

Pair Search image for instructions page.

On occasion you may want to search the trade table for a particular pair. The pair search on the trade table allows you to easily do this. Simply type the pair in that you would like to filter on, AUD/USD for example and the filter will show you only that pair. We plan to expand this filter in the near future to search other terms such as closed or open / pending and other metrics.

How to Add a Trade

Add a Trade

Add Trade image for instructions page.

Before completing this step, please add your Account Balance.

To add a trade, login and you will be taken to the Journal page. From there click on the Add + button. This will cause a popup to open. You can enter all your trade details in this popup.

Complete you Trade Information

Add Trade Modal image for instructions page.

When the 'Add Trade' modal / popup opens you will be presented with a number of options (including a Confluence Checklist) if you have set this up - see Confluence Instructions for more details.
After you have entered all the trade data you want to, press the 'Save Trade' button and your trade will be saved. You will be able to edit this trade later if you like. An example of when this might be useful will be when you enter a pending order and come back and edit it when the position has opened, or closed.
If you believe we need to add a field onto the add trade form then please contact us! We want to make FX Journal the best Forex Journaling platform in the world.

How to Import Trade History

Import Trade

Import Trades image for instructions page.

Before completing this step please add your account balance. To import your trade history, you can upload a .csv file from your broker. Simply click on the 'Import Trades' button and you will be taken to a page to upload your .csv file. Please note that at the time of writing, we only support imports from a few brokers. We are adding new brokers all the time, so if you have a suggestion for a broker to support then please contact us. We will be happy to add your broker to the list if there is sufficient need. Please note, not all fields will always be filled in on the trade table. This is a limitation of the information brokers supply in their .csv that you download. For the additional information we suggest manually adding in.

.CSV Import Screen

Upload .CSV image for instructions page.

You will need to have downloaded a .csv file from your broker. This is typically the file you use for an Excel spreadsheet. Most brokers support downloading your trade history in this format. Once you have the file, select the appropriate broker for you, your timezone (this is used for tailoring your trade time to your region), and choose file. This will display a screen where you can select the .csv file. Once you have selected the file, click the 'Proceed' Button. You should now see the Journal Dashboard with all your trades.

How to Export your FXCM Report

FXCM Account Settings

Subscribe menu image for instructions page.

Go to your FXCM account settings screen. This may look different depending which location you are in. Click on the 'Export' button.

FXCM Account Summary Screen

Subscribe image for instructions page.

After clicking on the 'Reports' button, you will hopefully have arrived on the reports page. Click on the 'Account Summary' tab, select your time frame for the report you would like to download and select Excel 2003. It is very important that Excel 2003 is selected to be in the correct format for FX Journal to be able to import your trades.

Once you have clicked 'Get Report' & completed this download, DO NOT open this file in MS Excel or any other spreadsheet program as they will likely add characters into the file which will cause the import to fail. Now you can follow the above import steps - disregrad the file extension not being .csv. If after all these steps, the import is still failing, please contact us for help!

How to set up your Account Balance

Account Balance

Account Balance image for instructions page.

In order to get accurate readings for the widgets you will need to set up a starting account balance. If you have added multiple deposits to your trading account, you will need to insert them all into the 'Add Transaction' screen.

If on the other hand you have made deposit and also withdrawals from your Broker account, you will need to insert all withdrawals as well. To add a withdrawal, simple insert a minus (-) symbol in front of the number you have withdrawal.

Add Balance Screen

Add Balance image for instructions page.

Try to keep the dates as accurate as you can for each transaction. This will assist with reporting.

If you do not know the exact transaction date, but do know the amount, we suggeset just adding the grand total minus withdrawals. Add the date as before your first trade.

After you import your trades the account balance should be reflected in the Dashboard. If you are having any difficulties with this step, please contact us for assistance.

How to Subscribe & Upgrade

Subscribe Menu

Subscribe menu image for instructions page.

Click on Subscribe in the menu.

.CSV Import Screen

Subscribe image for instructions page.

After clicking on the subscribe item in the menu, you will be taken to the Subscribe page where you can select from the monthly or yearly options. When you select one of these options, you will be presented with a screen to add your credit card details in. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you are having trouble with the subscribe view, please contact us!

Upgrade, Downgrade & Cancel

Upgrade Subsciption

Upgrade image for instructions page.

At FX Journal we don't believe in having different levels of subscription with different abilities. We believe in simplicity. Because of this, both our yearly and monthly plans have access to all FX Journal features. The only difference is because some customers commit to a year, we give a discount.
To upgrade to the yearly subscription, simply click on the monthly tab and select switch. You will see a screen asking if this is ok? Select ok, and you are done. Thank you for supporting us!

Downgrade Subscription

Downgrade image for instructions page.

If you have subscribed to the yearly plan and decided at the end of this subsciption that you would just like to subscribe month to month, simply select the monthly tab and select switch. You will see a screen asking if this is ok? Select ok, and you are done.

Cancel Subscription

Add Balance image for instructions page.

Have we done something wrong? Can we sort this out for you? Please contact us.
If we cannot convince you to stay, thank you for subscribing to FX Journal.
To cancel your subscription, go to the Subscription page and you will find the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom. Once you click this button, you will be prompted by a screen to agree. That is it, you are unsubscribed. Please note, you will have access to the platform for the remainder of your billing period.

How to I update my Profile & Password

Update Profile

Profile image for instructions page.

To update your profile go to 'Your Settings' in the menu drop down. From there you will be able to set a user image, update your name, email address and more.

Update Password

Subscribe image for instructions page.

To update your profile go to 'Your Settings' in the menu drop down. From there select the security tab. You will need your current password to update your password. If you have forgotten your password, please refer to the Forgot Password instructions.

How to set up Timezone, Broker & Trade Strategies

Timezone, Broker & Currency

Broker / Timezone / Currency image for instructions page.

When you first register for FX Journal there will be a screen to register your broker, currency and timezone. However, if you missed or dismissed this screen you can set them up by going to Settings and selecting 'Timezone / Broker/ Display Currency'. Simply select your preferences and click Save.
Please note that not all Brokers are supported. However, if you would like us to add support for your broker, then please contact us!

Trade Strategies

Strategies image for instructions page.

Forex Traders generally use some type of strategy, many traders use multiple strategies. Because of this, we have built in the ability for you to set custom strategies. These strategies can be attributed to each trade you take. Over time, you will be able to see which strategy is working for you, and conversely, which strategy that you would perhaps be better off not using.

To set a Strategy, go the the main drop down menu and select 'Strategies'. From there, you can simply add in your strategy names. These strategies will now be available in the 'Add Trade' & 'Edit Trade' windows.

How to use the Reporting Function


Reporting image for instructions page.

To see the reporting function, go to the main drop down and select 'Reporting'. You will be able to select a per month, or a custom time period. After selecting a time period, you will see a drawn graph detailing how the trading period has gone for you. We are currently adding in the ability to download these reports in .pdf form. Please note: these reports are not to be taken as a tax assessment. We are not adding in tax in anyway for your locale so please make sure you keep your own records in regards to tax.

Confluence / Strategy Reporting

Confluence Reporting image for instructions page.

The Confluence / Strategy reporting works in the same way that the balance reporting does. Add a time frame and you will see how your Confluence and Strategy breakdown are working. For these reports to work, you must have your trades attributed to a Strategy and a Confluence score. If there is anything extra you would like to have reports on, please contact us. We would be happy to build in extra functionality if there enough demand.

How to add Confluence / Checklist Questions

Confluence Questions / Checklist

Confluence image for instructions page.

Nearly all FX Traders have some sort of checklist or rules before entering into a trade. However, in the heat and excitement of taking a trade, how many times have these rules been thrown out the window? If you are like me, this happens more than you are willing to admit. This feature is designed to help you take a trade that is always in line with your trading rules. These rules are completely customisable for your trading style. There are two types of questions you can select from.
1: Single Questions - these will be awarded 1 point if they are ticked.
2: Multiple Questions - these will be awarded 1 point per tick. For example, if you are trading with the trend on three time frames, this would be 3 points.
These is no right or wrong with these questions and we cannot stop you from taking a trade if there is not much confluence for the trade, however, this has been a very helpful feature for our own trading - and we hope it will be for you too!

Good Luck Traders - Thank you for supporting FX Journal.