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FX Journal believes all traders can be profitable and proceed to become wealthy.

Effortlessly analysing your past trades with FX Journal's powerful visualisations will enable you to see which strategies and indicators are working and which are not.
Using our safe and effective platform you are able to add your own custom set of trading rules / confluence questions as well as name any strategy that you are currently employing. This allows convenient access to reporting functionality and "first glance" information directly on the journal home screen.

Enjoy the freedom from spreadsheets using FX Journal's powerful cloud based platform, it will certainly free you up to spend more time doing what you are good at, finding great setups - and making money!

Confluence Checklists

Professional Forex Traders understand that trading without following a strategy is gambling. Confluence checklists are a way to ensure every trade you enter is following your defined rules for entering a trade.

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Profit / Loss Visualisation

Most Forex Traders attempt to track trade entry, exit & take profit with a spreadsheet. You deserve better. FX Journal has an easy to use interface with graphs that deliver the most valuable information at a glance.

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Trade Importing

Are you a new Forex Trader, or have you been trading a while? We have you covered regardless with trade import. Simply upload your .csv trading statement from your broker and your trades will be imported to FX Journal.

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How FX Journal will help You

At FX Journal we want to help you become the best Forex Trader you can be. To be your best, you need good information - fast.

FX Journal is a unique offering in the market because it was built and designed by Forex Traders specifically for Forex Traders. FX Journal is designed to be easy to use and completely secure as we are 100% cloud based. This means you will never lose your precious trade data again with a spreadsheet failure or computer crash. We are always adding new features to FX Journal, but if you have a idea to improve the platform then please make a suggestion.

Trade Management

Forex trade management is the core of the FX Journal platform. With a simple table that is both easy to look at and is filterable, you will be able to track your entry, exit and take profit for each trade easily. We also offer custom confluence checklists meaning you will be warned if you are about to enter a trade that is not consistent with your trading rules.

Strategy Management

All Forex Traders are different. As such, every trader will have different forex strategies. We have created the ability to set your own custom strategies that can be applied to each trade. This means you will be able to filter via strategy to understand what strategies are working and those that are perhaps not working for you over time. This is another feature that makes FX Journal a great trade management tool.

Generate Reports

Whether you trade Forex professionally, for extra income, or just for fun you cannot avoid tax implications in most countries. As such we have built a filterable report capability into FX Journal where you will be able to generate and download reports on most key metrics over a given time frame. This will be very helpful when the taxman comes knocking!

Visualisation Tools

The main reason we built FX Journal was to help people trade better. Forex trade journaling on a spreadsheet is fidgety and lacks visual detail. We hate spreadsheets! Because of this, we have built our platform to have great data visualisation. At a glance you will be able to see your Win / Loss Percentage, Currency Pairs traded, Winning Strategies and much more. Give FX Journal a try and see how it can help you!

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About Us

We conceived Fx Journal because as IT Professionals and Forex Traders we were tired of using sub-par tools and spreadsheets to manage and track our trading. We looked for a solution, but found nothing suited, so we decided to build our own. We hope you love FX Journal.
It was built by Forex Traders for Forex Traders.


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